Eco Pendulum Gold


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Eco Pendulum Gold

This is one of the most dearest pendulums in BAJ, the Eco pendulum in the shape of a sacred Acorn honors Mother Earth and the Elemental forces of Nature. This pendulum radiates the radiesthetic color white with its healing properties. It has a cavity inside to place a witness and thus it is ideal for testing herbs, remedies, seeds.

This pendulum is one of the preferred pendulum of flower essence therapists, gardners, animal therapists and general nature lovers.

The pendulum has a strong resonance with the Elementals, the Nature Spirits such as Fairies. One can engage a beautiful dialogue with Nature by means of this pendulum. The acorn is a sacred seed in many native traditions, representing Wisdom and the Knowleddge of the Oak, in the Celtic tradition, the Oak and its seed connects us to ancient sacred information.

The small cavity inside can be used to put some remedy to transmit radiesthetically over the aura. Do not use any liquid remedies as this may damage the inner cavity of the pendulum.

We have used it successfully with words, mantras, numbers radiating their vibrations.





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Gold plated brass

Height: 3.5 cm

Weight:40 grams

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Weight 43 g


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