Anti-Radiation Pendulum



Anti-Radiation (Radiation Free) pendulum

The purpose of this pendulum is to support the clearing of noxious radiations that can affect human beings, animals, spaces and objects when in close contact with electro-smog, technopathic stress due to modern day technology.

This pendulum can help perform a quick clearing on our fields of the imprints of this technological influences and can be used prior to a dowsing session both in person or in tele-radiesthesia mode to clear our client of unwanted radiations which can help our overall session.

The pendulum has been created with a series of ingredients among them: Pure Shungite (Certified Shungite Elite powder), Authentic Ambar,  Activated charcoal, Pure Centering Vibration and other secret ingredients known to support our biofields in the clearing of these unwanted radiations and the release of toxins.

The pendulum can also be used for the healing and metaphysical properties of Shungite and Ambar. As well as to raise the consciousness levels of a person due to the Pure Centering Vibration which grounds us and centers us in our Pure Beingness, our core essence.The result of this can be the quieting of internal and external noise and the increase of inner silence and peace  which supports the de-stressing of our biofields.

The ingredients used in this pendulum will also help lift our vibrations, clear emotional and mental fog when it is due to noxious radiations. The ingredients used in the pendulum can support the transmutation of negative energies into positive ones and help clear aches and pains when derived from technopathic stress. The pendulum will also support the removal of toxins on multiple levels. When working to clear toxins you may also work using your conscious intent to draw them out of your system and have them be cleared and made null and void through the access to the Quantum field provided by Shungite.

The ingredients in this pendulum are sentient so you can communicate with them your intentions.

Remember that our auras are very delicate and might need extra support when living surrounded by technology. The Anti Radiation (Radiation Free) pendulum can help energetically strengthen and rebuilding our auras.

Bees: Shungite has been reported as supporting bees affected by technopathic stress therefore the pendulum and its beneficial charges can be also used when working in Dowsing and tele-radiesthesia mode helping these gentle creatures.

It can serves as a neutralizer and can be used to infuse food/beverages.

This pendulum can work hand in hand with the Divine Eraser pendulum and are ideal to be used before our sessions or as a  stand alone protocol in support of the clearing of technopathic stress.

Product details:

Wooden pendulum (Beech) Osiris head.

Weight aprox 40gr.


Additional information

Weight 40 g


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