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Spiral Pendulum Brass

This is again one of our all time favourites. Exquisitely beautiful and well designed, this spiral pendulum will make the delight to those who work with spiralling energies to cleanse the aura and other fields. This is a very potent pendulum in the hands of an experienced dowser and a beginer who has received training with this pendulum.

We can close negative portals, clear the aura from unwanted openings and perform very deep and thorough cleansings on the aura and bio-energetic fields of humans, animals, plants, and spaces.

This pendulum radiates the fundamental radiesthetic color of white. It is not a pendulum to carry in one´s pocket as the wires forming the spiral could bend. It is not a fragile pendulum but requires to be kept in a place where no heavy weight can bend it unnecessarily.

This pendulum is also available in Gold. With the vibration of gold, we can first remove negative energies and close portals and add the Golden Ray, a very balancing frequency to strengthen the human energy field for example. The Golden Ray brings aswell the vibration of Divine Wisdom, a very necessary quality to enhance our clear thinking and the qualities of an Enlightened mind.

The Spiral pendulum works very well in alliance with our pendulums with a charge of herbal, mineral remedies. Together these pendulums will perform a deep cleanse of the auric field and will allow us to relax deeper and remain mentally clear strengthening our auric field.

Product details

Size:65 mm long.

Weight:25 gr.

Material: Brass.


A Note on brass:
Brass is a metal that can get dirty, blacken due to a natural oxidation process. Energetically nothing happens with the pendulums that suffer discoloration due to this natural phenomenon due to the composition and alloy of the brass used. Brass can be cleaned with cleaning products, using dry baking soda and a soft bristle brush, or following any technique known to the customer. Changes in the color of the brass are not covered under warranty. Those who do not want alterations in the color of their pendulums can buy them in their gold-plated versions.


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Weight 150 g


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