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Orchids pendulum, the ascended healer

orquidea3We are really excited with this very special pendulum. Orchids are considered ascended flowers as they live high up on the trees. It is said they have achieved their ascensional process and thus, are able to help us on our own ascension. This pendulum is filled with the essence of more than 22 orchids, from the Amazons to other areas of the world. A very special work has been done to access the highest vibrational level of these exquisite flowers. We have also added our special and secret ingredient that enhances the vibrations of the Orchids and also brings in the Pure Centering Vibration (PCV) which supports our grounding to the Earth and to Heaven and our centering and alignment on our axis.

Orchids are also called the Queen of Flowers or the Fairie´s flower. They are very ancient and have been on Earth for at least 120 million years. Within their energetic matrix, they hold a sort of “floral akashic records”.

Orchids live at a very high vibrational level very close to the angelical level. Many orchids are hermaphrodites so they help us balance our own masculine and feminine aspects into oneness and wholeness. Orchids take Bach Flowers to their next level. They work with the higher chakras and higher dimensional aspects of our energetic anatomy. They are ideal to be working during the many ascension process and phases that most of us are engaged in. If we compare them to the original Bach Flowers on a healing level, the Orchids represent a higher octave of these flowers.

One of the biggest gifts of Orchids is to promote a great sense of inner peace, calmness and spiritual elevation and tranquility. On a more mundane level, they have been used to help the skin get rid of the free radicals, rejuvenate, regenerate. They are rich in minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, calcium.

Orchids help us access the higher realms, open our spiritual and psychic senses, help us in our relations especially when Love is involved.

Each of the Orchids in this pendulum offers to us their special gift. When combined their power increases and we can use them individually or we can draw from various Orchids in a special synergetic combination.

This pendulum emits the Pure Centering Vibration (PCV) which is a very grounding vibration supporting our connection between Heaven and Earth and our centering on our axis, allowing us to open up to our multi-dimensional self.

Among the properties of Orchids that we can access through this pendulum we find:

-Channeling, accessing the higher realms, angelic communication, connection with the Divine Source

-Angelic protection

-Deep emotional healing, unblocking of deep emotional wounds, relief of deeply rooted sadness, depression.

-Profound connection Heaven-Earth

-Auric cleanse, purification and protection

-Supports breaking and dissolution of old mental patterns

-Profound Joy, happiness, “joie de vivre”

-Divine inspiration, intuition

-Creativity, fluidity

-Access to Divine Love, love in all its aspects, from eros to Agape.

-Activation of our higher energetic anatomy

-Access to past and future lives.

-Inner knowing, self exploration, help during profound life changes, assistance during difficult phases of our Spiritual path.

-Access to planetary and star systems such as the Sun, Moon, Venus.

-General lifting of our energy fields to higher and higher frequencies.

How to use this pendulum:

The simple way is to use it over our solar plexus and let the pendulum swing clockwise until it stops spinning. We can finish the process by “anchoring and sealing” the energies received with a gentle hand movement over our solar plexus introducing the energies received inside our system.

We can also work at  a deeper level with this pendulum by activating one or several of its properties through our intention. We can state it out loud as we let the pendulum swing either over our solar plexus or over any other area we have determined. Intentions could be:

Please lift my vibrations to the maximum level that can benefit my overall well being, thank you!.

Please help me access the higher realms so that I can comunicate with greater clarity with my spiritual guides/angelic beings /guardian angel etc.thank you!.

Support my ascension process clearing all unnecessary density and weight and creating more space for me to unfold opening up more and more to my pure essence, thank you!.

Disclaimer: Pendulums are not substitutes of proper medical care.

Product details:

Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English

Material: wood

Size: 75 mm height x 50 grams weight.

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