Dolphin Pendulum


No part of any dolphin was used to create this pendulum.

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Dolphin Pendulum

The Gift of Inner Joy and insightful communication

No part of any living mammal has been used to create this pendulum which contains a powerful charge of vibrational essences connected to Dolphin and its powerful mystical medicine. Also, the pendulum has been attuned to the highest and purest vibrations of the Dolphin Spirit which agreed to work with us in order to help the Dowsing community bring healing to ourselves by means of this radiation.

Dolphin medicine brings the gift of healing the emotional body and the Inner and outer children like no other vibration. It can soothe us back into the natural rhythms of life, the sacred waters of Life. It can bring relief to our stressful lifes, bring us back into the heart when we have become too mentally worried.

Dolphin medicine can help open up the gift of telepathy, sound vibration and our ability to tune into the field of our clients in order to perceive sonically their imbalances and be able to provide the right solutions to them to re-tune them, re-harmonize them.

You can use this pendulum in two ways:

  1.  As a mental pendulum connecting with the Spirit of Dolphins and accessing the wisdom of this sacred species.
  2. You can transmit the powerful vibrations contained inside the pendulum to:
  • Bring emotional relief, heal deep emotional wounds in the heart and emotional body, sacral and root chakra
  • Support the activation of the third eye chakra and the gift of telepathy within yourself, your clients
  • Enhancing our intuition
  • Support the inner child
  • Bring healing to children and creating a sacred and protective space in their bedroom.
  • Transmitting and activating the vibrations of playfulness,  inner joy, contentment, inner peace, emotional well being,
  • Bring flow and synchronicities into your life
  • Connect to your galactic origins whenever you have had connections to Sirius and the dolphin system
  • Enhance your overall communications with other humans, animals, Spirit world, Nature.
  • Clearing the throat chakra
  • Bless and rebalance your inner waters and your connection to the Waters of Life.
  • Heal holes and tears in the aura
  • Work sexual issues by calling forth the sexual medicine of Dolphins.
  • Vibrational support for our relationships and challenges relating to others.
  • Boost your creativity
  • Calming and relaxing the atmosphere in Space Clearing work as well as balancing the water elements in the living space.
  • And much more. Discover for yourself in which way you can best use this pendulum


Product details

Pendulum + Basic instruction Manual for ALL therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF

Size:25 mm long.

Weight:  20 gr.

Material: wood.


Disclaimer: Pendulums are not medical equipment nor is the use of pendulums and dowsing a substitute to proper medical care.

Dolphin Photo: Anson Antony


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