Divine Eraser Pendulum



Divine Eraser pendulum

This pendulum has been created to Erase obsolete codes, distorted information, useless data and codification held in the energy field of persons, animals, objects and living spaces. It acts as a neutralizer and remover of non-beneficial information that does NOT belong to the person, animal, object, space and is clogging the energy fields with useless data.

We can work with this pendulum at the beginning of our sessions, to clear that which does not belong to the client, the codes and information that does not need to be there. We can also work with the pendulum in the middle of a session when we access some trauma, old wounds from the past that has left an imprint but is surrounded by data and information that is not relevant that does not belong to the core essence of the client nor is it for his or her highest good.

Working with this pendulum can save us time by extracting that which is irrelevant in the field which causes confusion, incoherence and disorder to the energy field of persons, animals, objects and living spaces.

It can be used in Space Clearing work prior to harmonizing the space, by removing all unnecessary data and information that is not needed in this space. It can also be used when purchasing an old furniture to clear the old codes which belong to the past and are not needed now for the new “life” that will be given to the object.

The pendulum has the Pure Centering Vibration, a vibration connecting us to Source and bringing in the Divine connection to Source and has bioenergetic ingredients that support the erasing of memories and codes.


  • At the beginning of our sessions to clear codes that are unnecessary
  • In the middle of the session when we find information that is obsolete, distorted, incoherent and irrelevant
  • To clear a space from excess obsolete information
  • To clear the information flowing through the Wifi and impacting our atmosphere at home, work
  • To clear second had objects, furniture from old codes and information that are now unwanted
  • Can help us clear information in the space from television, media, wifii , group meetings etc.
  • Helps clear lies from your field, the codification of untruth which we have all bought into through assumptions, misperceptions, false beliefs of self and others, collective untruths etc.


Why is it called Divine Eraser?

Because it was Divinely inspired and it holds Divine frequencies supporting the erasing so that you can allow the emergence of your true Divine Essence. The pendulum has the Pure Centering Vibration which supports the expansion of your Consciousness, your centering in Pure Beingness, a non dual Divine frequency which will help you erase without causing an imbalance.


Combination with the  Radiation Free Pendulum (anti-radiation)

The Divine Eraser pendulum works really well with the  Radiation Free pendulum as they both will clear a person, animal, object, space from important and noxious information and codes which can greatly enhance the quality of our sessions and limit the amount of time and effort we need to exert when clearing someone or something.

Special care

When keeping this pendulum, make sure the point is not aiming at essential oils or flower essences. The pendulum has not been designed to erase beneficial codes but if you want to be extra careful, aim the point to the opposite direction to where your oils and floral essences are.

Also you can program your Divine Eraser pendulum with a command such as:

“Only Erase that which I will request pro-actively from you to erase. In resting mode, remain neutral, thank you”


Dowsing and Dowsing tools are not a substitute to proper medical care shall you or your clients suffer from any clinical condition.


Pendulum in beech wood. Osiris head, natural color wood


Additional information

Weight 50 g


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