Quasi Atlantis pendant amulet Gold




Quasi Atlantis Pendant Amulet Gold Plated

This is the Quasi Atlant, a pendant, amulet-talisman and pendulum all three in one! The pendulum replicates the shape of the Atlantis ring discovered around 1860 in Egypt by the french egyptologist Marquis d´Agrain whose daugther later married french radiesthesist André de Belizal.

The original Atlantis ring was built in clay. It had harmonizing and protective effects due to the the wave form of its design.

Our pendant is a variation of this design. Its basic radiesthetic color is White, a healing and safe color in the hands of beginers in radiesthesia or dowsing.

The pendant has protective and revitalizing qualities. It is also a pendulum used in mental radiesthesia. We can program it to protect us, to enhance our energy field and keep us balanced when we are travelling or under stressfull conditions. It is also a useful pendulum to work on map dowsing.

I have given courses using this pendant and also not using it. The difference is quite noticeable in terms of how tired I am after a long day of dowsing courses. It does keep my energy up all day! I do not wear it at night time as I find that my energy field is more sensitive to the vibrations and this pendant emits strongly. If I want to use this pendant for extra protection at night, I place it on my night table pointing towards me with a special command to keep me safe all night.(Barbara)

The Atlantis Pendant is also available in Silver plated format.

Material: Gold plated brass. Cord, leather. Pouch included: leather.(Napa)

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Weight 34 g


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