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Mer-Isis Big Pendulum

The Mer-Isis is a combination of the Mermet pendulum, designed by Abbé Mermet, the French expert of physical radiesthesia and the Isis Pendulum.

This is a wonderful pendulum for big clearings and transmutation of dense energies. It has also been used for pain relieving specially in cases of musculo-skeletal conditions.

The basic radiesthetic color of this pendulum is White at the point. Around the round surface where the Mermet shape touches the Isis, we have found resonance with the radiesthetic color Violet and the higher harmonic of Orange, Gold.

This makes the pendulum a very unique combination of energies that can lead to transmutation and transformation of conditions. We have also found it is a very interesting pendulum for space-clearing, specially around corners where dense energies can get more stagnated.

It is also a pendulum that can work with mental commands in Mental Radiesthesia.


Product details:

.Weight: 88 grams  4 cm height

.Material: Brass Gold plated

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Weight 100 g


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