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The Benedictus pendulum has been developed by BAJ after years of working with cleansing dense energies. The main shape of the pendulum is a form of the classical Karnak pendulum style with a disk of Saint Benedict with the initials of a Latin exorcist formula. Also on the other side of the disc is a symbol of the cross present in the famous St Benedict medal, said to bring great protection against Evil forces.

Inside the pendulum there is a charge of incense known as Olibanum or church incense.

The purpose of this pendulum according to BAJ is to provide us with a tool that can help us in:

  • Space cleaning
  • Aura cleansing
  • Free ourselves from dense energy entities
  • Closing of astral portals no benefits
  • Elimination or eradication of other gross subtle forms



Due to the pendulum approach, we do not recommend this tool for beginning dowsers but rather for intermediate and advanced practitioners. The tool is equally advanced intermediate level. You can read more about these categories of both the practitioner levels and our tools in the following links:

Practitionner level

Tool level








  • Brass pendulum (due to the nature of this metal, brass can acquire darker shades, small spots that DO NOT alter the quality of the product. It can be cleaned like any other brass object)
  • Measures approx 9.8 cm height 3.5 cm diameter
  • Weight approx 120 gr



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Weight 120 g


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