Food and Nutrition Dowsing Chart


Dowsing Sheet of charts, 5 pages PDF, English. Copy for buyer ONLY


Food, beverages and Supplements Dowsing Sheet of Charts

Sheet in 5 pages in PDF with quadrants that will allow us to ask questions related to the types of foods, spices, drinks, supplements, ways of cooking, diets, fasts that are most compatible/incompatible with us.

The sheet can be used when we are considering:

  • Dietary changes
  • General supplementation needs
  • Create food combinations
  • Fasting Frequencies
  • Amount of liquid intake
  • Alkalinity/acidity levels
  • Negative consequences of “poor” food decisions
  • Selection of diets from among the best known
  • Introduction of new foods/drinks into our eating routine
  • Quality state of the food/supplements
  • Best times to eat
  • Frequency of meals


Important. On the sheet we have included tomatoes in the vegetables category. We know that they are fruits but it is easier to compose a list when making a salad, for example if we have it in the same quadrant as the rest of the elements.



  • Dowsing sheet of Charts in 5 pages, formats A3 and ANSI B, PDF English, copy authorised for PERSONAL use of the buyer ONLY. ALL our material is for one person, the buyer. Please do not share, distribute copyrighted material it is an infringement of our rights and also highly unethical.




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