Isis 4 discs Gold


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Isis 4 batteries Gold Pendulum

This is one of the first Isis Pendulums designed by Jozef Baj after his extensive research, a little jewel in its own. It is one of our favourite Isis pendulums. Highly responsive, brilliantly callibrated, ideal for all sorts of radiesthetic works. Specially good for carrying in one pocket and performing all small radiesthetic tasks such as testing, measuring, selecting items, vibrations, frequencies.

This is also an excelent gift at a very reasonable price for a beginer in the Art of Dowsing. A delight to hold in one´s hand. Being Gold plated, this pendulum will be able to transmit the Gold vibration more efficiently when necessary.


Tasa-vitalidad-300x199This particular pendulum has a great size for working with graphs and charts. Not too big not too small either. Just right, perfect!

The pendulum radiates the fundamental radiesthetic colour white as its base color. Isis pendulums can emanate all colors of the visible spectrum and can be mentally programed to emit other invisible colors.

A very safe and reliable pendulum in the hands of the experienced and the beginer.



Product details:

Size:52 mm

Weight:27gr aprox

Material: Gold plated brass.



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Weight 37 g