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Karnak Black Pendulum

This pendulum is a quasi exact replica of the ones found in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. This pendulum based on the egyptian “wedj” is an excellent tool to find missing items, working with maps. It is also a great pendulum to send vibrational frequencies and mental-programing messages in tele-radiesthesia, Distance pendulum healing. It is also an excelent choice to work releasing viruses and bacteria from the body and might support pain relief.

This pendulum radiates the Negative Green radiesthetic color. We recomend to dismount it by its upper part to keep it in its étui or pouch. We have also found the sub-bands of indigo, a very special vibrational color that can be helpful in psychic work or ultra perception work.

This pendulum being made in aluminium is very light and responsive. Karnak pendulums from Baj do not require to be cleaned after using them.

This is not a pendulum for beginers with no previous experience in Green Negative emissions. We have other safer choices such as the Karnak White, which has a white layer of protection and will only emit G- when instructed to “go beyond” this protective layer for a specific short term work.

Product details:

Size: 75mm

Weight: 13mm aprox (when checking out you will find the weight is higher because we sell it with a pouch and the fee includes the weight of the box or envelope for postal costs).

Material: Aluminium painted in black with white drawing (Note the white drawing at the tip of the pendulum is NOT engraved).


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Weight 32 g


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