Isis Osiris 3+3 GOLD


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Isis Osiris Pendulum 3+3 GOLD

Beauty, Elegance, Reliability

This is a combination of the classical pendulums Isis and Osiris, husband and wife, brother and sister united in one single pendulum offering their enhanced capacities synergetically.  This particular version has 3 batteries of Osiris and 3 of Isis. It is a medium size pendulum highly responsive, a real delight in the hands of a dowser. It has the ability of the Osiris to work with green negative as a carrier wave for mental comands and has the cleansing and purifying uplifting qualities of the Isis pendulum able to channel all range of colors into our fields.

An ideal pendulum to do healing work, ask questions, send mental commands and other frequencies.

The Gold plate helps us work with the vibration of Gold on our healing sessions.

It is a safe pendulum in the hands of a beginner YET, for beginners and sensitive people, we do recommend the Isis-Osiris 8+2 as the intensity of that pendulum will be lesser.The fundamental radiesthetic color of the isis-Osiris 3+3 pendulum is White.

If you are a beginner dowser or else a dowser who has not been exposed to the radiesthetic colors, we recommend you our Online Course Level 1 and 2 in Mental Dowsing Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum Healing. They will give you a good foundation for your practice which will enhance what you already know.

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Size: 45mm

Weight: 27gr.

Material: Gold plated Brass.


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