Maca Pendulum



Maca pendulum

This pendulum is a tool of vibratory radiesthesia transmitting energetically the vibrations of the Peruvian plant called Maca.

Some of Maca´s most known uses have been traditionally used to support the following:

  • Sex drive, libido fertility
  • Hormonal balance
  • Relief during menopause
  • Anxiety reduction, mood improvement
  • Energy boost, sport performance
  • Learning, memory improvement


How to use the pendulum: dowse to detect from where does the energy field of your client need to receive the Maca transmission. Alternatively, a good location to enter the biofield is through the solar plexus. Let the pendulum spin clockwise until it stops. Anchor and seal with a hand gesture meaning that the energy transmitted will remain for as long as it is necessary on the client´s energy field. You can use a Dowsing command such as: “transmit the most beneficial energies and frequencies within this pendulum for the highest good of myself, my client etc “. 

Legal Notice: pendulums are NOT substitutes to proper Medical Care shall you suffer from any condition. Please check with your GP:


Product details:

Beech wood pendulum

Weight: 20grams aprox

Height: 5cm aprox


Additional information

Weight 40 g


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