Online Course the Ho’ pendulum, Ho’oponopono and Dowsing

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A one to one Online course.

Course DOES NOT include Ho’ Pendulum

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The Ho’ Pendulum, Ho’ oponopono and Dowsing Online Course

2 Hours in 1 session via Skype, one to one (*)

We are the original discoverers of the connections between Ho’ oponopono and vibratory radiesthesia. As a result of our research, we have created a specific pendulum, the Ho’ Pendulum, a tool that combines both, the healing principles and vibrations of this ancient peacemaking practice with vibratory radiesthesia.

  • This course will give you all you need to get started on your practice of purifying all your relations with Ho’ oponopono and Dowsing.
  • You will learn how to use the Ho’ pendulum (purchased separately) and how to use your other pendulums to work out relationship issues following the principles and guidelines of Ho’ oponopono.
  • You will learn key points of vibratory radiesthesia so you can combine this wisdom with the practice of Ho’ opoopono thus integrating efficiently both arts for the purpose of healing our relations and supporting your clients.
  • This course is a 1 to 1 course, via Skype. You will receive a manual and an appointment to meet for 1 session of 2 hours spread.
  • This course will certify you with a Diploma as a Ho’ Pendulum, Ho’ oponopono and Dowsing practitioner. Throughout the course we will be clearing together.
  • This course includes the Ho’ pendulum Manual plus the Online course Manual covering dowsing protocols focused on Ho’ oponopono. However, the course does NOT include the Ho’ pendulum which can be purchased separately.

 You will receive an email from us to book your 2 hours sessions. (check your SPAM folder in case you miss our email).


I highly recommend this course and working with the Ho’ Pendulum and Barbara Meneses. It is an exceptional pendulum that is both delightful and subtle. The use of this pendulum in working through relationship issues and life is extraordinary. The process of using this pendulum opens up multiple creative avenues and more in its use. J.T 

Requirements: Good internet connection with Skype (video). Basic pendulum skills.

(*) We reserve the rights of admission to this course due to lack of rapport or other ethical, moral considerations.

1 review for Online Course the Ho’ pendulum, Ho’oponopono and Dowsing

  1. Barb meneses

    Veronica wrote to us after attending the Online Course:
    “Hi Barbara, good afternoon, I’m writing to thank for creating the Ho’ Pendulum, Ho’oponopono and Dowsing Online Course giving us the opportunity to attend for those who live far away. I wanted to tell you that both, the course and the Ho’ pendulum are tools with very loving vibrations and thanks to the practices we did through videoconference, my life has changed completely. This may sound very strong but it is what actually happened to me after healing the area of my relationship to my father and my masculine side which was really bad. My professional life has taken a 180 degree turn since my life purpose was stuck due to these issues. The healing gave me a boost of joy and I was very excited I changed my way of thinking and a couple of days later, I was already with new projects and I am doing part of my purpose because I am sure that this is justna beginning and the changes that I have begun to experiment will begin to unfold. I don´t have words to express all my emotions but what I can tell you is that both this course and you Barbara have made me very happy and I hope that more people can benefit from this. THANK YOU. “

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