The Ho’ Pendulum +Manual



The Ho’ Pendulum + Manual

The Ho’ pendulum is a tool of vibratory radiesthesia allowing us to access the healing power of Ho’ oponopono, the Hawaiian peacemaking process to help us harmonize all our relations.

This pendulum was born as a result of the research done to create the Archangels Pendulum. During the explorations to create that pendulum, we found at Baj-Pendulos Spain that we could access the spiritual vibrational qualities through special pendulums designed with what we call the Pure Centered Vibration or Pure Centering Vibration (PCV). This specific vibration elevates the radiesthetic colors to a higher octave and thus allows us to access the spiritual dimensions with greater ease.

The Ho’ Pendulo Hoportada_Ho_eng_1pendulum, the Archangels Pendulum and the Chaga Pendulum emit powerfully the PCV. As a result, we can access the four main spiritual and healing qualities of the Ho’ oponopono process. This Hawaian conflict resolution approach focuses on healing our relations by taking 100% responsability of what we perceive in our reality, and healing our misperceptions, memories, traumas and belief systems with the power of I am Sorry, I love you, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, that is: the vibrations of feeling, the vibrations of love, the vibrations of a higher perspective, the vibrations of Gratitude.

This pendulum comes along with a manual with very detailed  explanations on the Ho’ oponopono process, the vibrational qualities of the four powerful healing agents and their radiesthetic counterpart. The manual explains fully how to perform a session with the Ho’ pendulum clearing and healing our relations and how to work on specific issues such as our relation to Money.

We are all interconnected by subtle filaments, pathways or energetic channels. These channels can carry noxious or beneficial energies connecting us to all that is, even to nature, to objects, animals, planets.  In modern times, we have forgotten how to clear ourselves and return to balance and harmony with nature and our environment. As a result our connections tend to be very toxic. The ancient people of the earth knew of this state of oneness in which we actually live, and took responsability for clearing and cleansing all their connections. They did so through ritual, prayers and energetic work. Such is Ho’ oponopono, a sacred way to clean ourselves and free all our relations. By doing so, we help the Earth return to her pristine natural state of perfection. When a human being walks the Earth with his connections to all that is totally cleared and healed, he experiences true bliss and a magnificent sense of expansiveness. All his connections thrive and so does he. Such is the promess and the real possibility when we take full responsability for our subtle connections and decide to clear them. The Ho’ pendulum is one possible option, a help in the direction of this global healing mission that is so necessary.

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A radiesthetic jewel profoundly blessed and created with the highest of intentions, to bring peace and healing to our relations to Life, People, ourselves.

Product details:

Pendulum + manual PDF (40 pages) upon purchasing the product you will receive an email with a download link to the Manual.

Pendulum material: wood painted in golden color

Weight: 30gr.

Height: 3-4 cm



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