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Osiris White Macro Pendulum

Modified version of the Osiris wooden macro pendulum with 4 heads in honor of the brother and husband of Isis. This pendulum was created as a result of Baj Laboratory´s extensive research in order to provide the radiesthetic community with a safe and efficient Osiris pendulum. The Osiris White Macro is a pendulum that minimizes the risks of over-exposure to the Negative Green radiesthetic color, supported by the presence of the radiesthetic color White.

Thus, this pendulum benefits from the carrier wave properties of Negative Green and the purifying effects of the radiesthetic color white. A pendulum useful in advanced radiesthetic healing work, tele-radiesthesia, removing negative energies, pain relief, bacterial and parasitic infections etc.

Important: Before using it, give the pendulum a firm knock on a wooden surface.  In order to work efficiently with this pendulum removing negative energies or wave forms, the user has to give the pendulum the mental command to bypass the protective barrier created by the radiesthetic color White or else, the pendulum may not be able to perform that clearing.

Product details:

Size: 180 mm, hemispheres diameter: 58mm

Weight: 160 gr

Material: Beech wood.


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Weight 205 g


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