Karnak Gold pendulum



Karnak Gold Pendulum

This is the GOLD PLATED rendition of a very special version of the Karnak pendulum designed in honor of those dowsing devices found in the Valley of the Kings, in Egypt. This pendulum is a highly sensitive and responsive pendulum very useful in field-map research, mental and physical-vibratory radiesthesia.

This particular version of the Karnak Pendulum emits the radiesthetic color electromagnetic Negative Green as its fundamental color. radiation. The fact that it is Gold plated can help you work with the vibration of GOLD.We do not recommend this tool for beginners in Dowsing and we encourage you to take a course such as our Online Levels 1 and Level 2 in order to get familiar with the power of the radiesthetic colors and how to use these tools efficiently.

This pendulum does require to be dismantled as shown in the picture in order to prevent over-exposure to the Negative green radiation. (in the picture below you are seeing the brass version of this pendulum)


Gold plated care: clean with a soft tissue and keep in a pouch to avoid scratches.

Product details:

Size: 75mm.

Weight: 45 gr.

Material: Brass Gold plated



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