Osiris Macro Negative Green


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Osiris Macro Negative Green

The Osiris wooden macro pendulum with 4 heads in honor of Isis brother and husband. This pendulum emits the radiesthetic color wave of Negative Green  in the electromagnetic dimension.

This pendulum benefits from the purifying and penetrating properties of the Negative Green carrier wave. A pendulum useful in advanced radiesthetic healing work, tele-radiesthesia, removing negative energies, pain relief, bacterial and parasitic infections etc.

Important: Before using it, give the pendulum a firm knock on a wooden surface. Always remember to neutralize the pendulum after using it, desimpregnating it from remaining energies that may have impregnated the pendulum. This is NOT a pendulum for beginers. We recommend you to be already well trained in classical dowsing with sufficient knowledge about the uses and safety requirements needed to work with Negative Green vibrations.

Keep the pendulum dismantled after each use (as shown on the picture), this will reduce the vibrations of Negative Green.


Product details:

Size: 180 mm, hemispheres diameter: 58mm

Weight: 160 gr

Material: wood.


Additional information

Weight 205 g


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