Isis micro pendulum 6 discs


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Isis Pendulum Micro 6 discs


Tiny yet exquisite version Tasa-vitalidad-300x199of the Isis Pendulum. Extremely well calibrated and highly sensitive device. Will be the wonders for new dowsers who are still suffering with pendulum movements or persons who dislike using pendulums with a lot of weight. This version of Isis with 6 batteries is an ideal all round multipurpose pendulum, perfect for chart or list reading, selection of remedies, map research etc.


Specially recommended for those getting tired by the constant use of their pendulums as this one is very light yet  extremely responsive.

Isis micro radiates the fundamental radiesthetic color of white. It is a safe pendulum in the hands of beginers and experienced dowsers. Great to carry in the pocket.


Please note: this pendulum is relatively small. One might feel it is too expensive to get such a small pendulum. But bare in mind it is more complex to create and calibrate such a small pendulum than to create bigger versions.


Product details:

Size: 35mm long.

Weight:35 gr.

Material: Brass. We do have also a Gold plated version.

A Note on brass:
Brass is a metal that can get dirty, blacken due to a natural oxidation process. Energetically nothing happens with the pendulums that suffer discoloration due to this natural phenomenon due to the composition and alloy of the brass used. Brass can be cleaned with cleaning products, using dry baking soda and a soft bristle brush, or following any technique known to the customer. Changes in the color of the brass are not covered under warranty. Those who do not want alterations in the color of their pendulums can buy them in their gold-plated versions.


Additional information

Weight 20 g


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