Queen Bee Oracle Pendulum


Pendulum+Manual in PDF+Attunement to the pendulum


Queen Bee Oracle Pendulum

An initiated pendulum into the mysteries of the Great Mother

We created this VERY special pendulum after our trip to Crete (Greece) where we reconnected with the ancient Oracle tradition, the Bee priestesses also called the Melissas in service of the Great Mother.

The physical charge of the pendulum has:

  • Pure Centering  vibration (as taught on our level 2 Online Course)
  • The purest form of Honey essential oil
  • Floral essences

The energetic charge of the pendulum has:

  • The Essence of the Queen Bee vibration
  • The Deva of the flower Kingdom
  • A connection to the Great Mother and Divine Feminine
  • Connection to the Melissas, the priestesses of the Goddess of ancient times who helped relieve the suffering at a deep soul level.
  • The Divine Nectar of the Great Mother in the form of Divine Love
  • Connection to the Oracle tradition of the Bees

Goddesses connected to the Queen Bee and the bees: Isis, Artemis, Gaia, Rhea, Demeter, Diana, Aphrodite


Properties of Honey essential oil:

Antiseptic, laxative, expectorant, antiallergenic, supports metabolic changes, calming, relaxing, stimulates hormones, purging. Honey has been used to support the immune system, alleviate colds and flu, help during menopause, relieve insomnia.

Esoterically,  Honey helps heal and mend relationships, promotes friendliness, gentleness. sweetness. Honey has also been used to attract prosperity. Honey is associated with the Soma nectar, the Divine Nectar pooring from the essence of Divine Love.

Honey pacifies the environment, calms the mind and the emotions, nourishes all bodies.

Alchemical properties of honey:

Honey is associated with the metal gold, planet Venus and the Sun, it balances the 4 elements and is 90% Yin. From  an alchemical perspective, honey is connected with Angels, Fairies, and the Devic kingdom.

The pendulum that you hold in your hands has a true vocation of Service and help. It is connected through the mysterious threads of time and space with the ancient cult to the Great Mother, venerated in the classical traditions of Antiquity. Her presence and influence was nourished and cherished by the ancient priestesses of the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine Your pendulum is blessed by the Great Mother, the Queen Bee, The Melissa priestesses and the Spirit of this ancient island dedicatd to the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. The Queen Bee Oracle pendulum Manual B. Meneses.


Functions of the Pendulum:

Mental Radiesthesia

The pendulum acts as a super responsive Oracle, providing answers to our questions, just like in Mental Dowsing.

Vibratory Radiesthesia:

Transmit vibrationally the highest essence of Honey, the Pure Centering Vibration, raising the frequencies of the pendulum and expanding the consciousness of the user, It also transmits vibrationally the shamanic medicine of Bees, one of the highest vibrations on earth from the insect kingdom. It also transmits the vibrations of Divine Mother,  the Queen Bee as Goddess of the Divine Feminine in service to life and the highest good of all.

It transmits the healing energies and frequencies of the Divine Mother in her most nourishing, regenerative qualities bringing peace, calmness, serenity and profound love to the Soul, Mind, Body, emotions and energy field of animals, humans, living spaces.

It helps the Bees and their beehives as we can work with this pendulum to bring peace and uplifting energies to their domain, oftentimes disturbed by man, technology, stress.

Can be used on animals to bring peace and serenity as well as deep nourishment to them, regenerative properties and support when overcoming an illness or condition.

Good for space clearing as it uplifts the space with high vibrational energies and Divine feminine qualities.

Helps work with emotional wounds, inner child issues.

Message from the Cretan bee:

“I am a messanger of the Divine Mother, I came to ignite your desire to create this pendulum. With my presence, I brought you a confirmation, for indeed you had listened to the inspiration within you. Bees from all over the world need you (all of you). They have been for many years working to harmonize the delicate balance of an ecosystem that is dying due to lack of care and love. We are guardians and custodians of a world of insects, an interconnected network of nourishment and life that affects millions of beings in this planet.You are not conscious of the strength and power of the insect and floral kindgoms. We are here serving Life and the highest purpose of all: the rising of the vibrations of the planet to its original position, one in alignment with the luminous spheres. We work ceaselessly for this subtle energetic mission. We collect the flowers nectar and transform it into honey which is none other than spiritual gold in the form of Soma.

Our work is Spiritual although you only see our activities through your physical eyes. But in fact we sow invisible golden threads which travel thousands of kilometers in a sort of Internet carrying light frequencies, luminous information. We need you to support us. This pendulum can bring harmony into your homes,spaces, but it can also help relief the burden that we carry because you have forgotten your own roles of guardians and stewarts of Nature, of Life. For indeed you have forgotten that you form part of Nature and that you share with us and all the kingdoms present here, the same mission of restoring the overall harmony among us all.

You can use the pendulum to help the Earth. Life, Nature, to help our bee hives. When you work with us bees, do so with respect, in a non invasive way as we are very sensitive. Intend to support our energetic work. This will calm us and bring comfort to us, making us feel that we are not abandonned, that you are supporting us in a common mission. You can also use the pendulum in areas where the forces of the Earth are out of balance, connecting with the Divine nectar of the bees to transmit this vibration of Spiritual gold to the area, the group of animals, the Earth, the insects, the plant kingdom, people. Honey sweetens the most rough character and will bring peace in the middle of violence.Honey softens positions held in confrontation and potentiates friendship and concord in our relationships. We bless you in your Light mission, be industrious as we are, working motivated for a common goal” (The Queen Bee Oracle Pendulum Manual, B. Meneses.


Attunement to the pendulum

We can attune the pendulum to you, the user. Simply let us know your desire to do so in the area NOTES when purchasing the product. We need your full name and current location.

Legal Note: Pendulums are not medical equipment. Dowsing does not substitute proper medical care shall you suffer from a clinical condition.

Product details:

Wooden Pendulum+ Manual The Oracle Queen Bee Pendulum manual in PDF 38 pages.+ attunement to the pendulum.

Weight 20 grams

+ Free Manual for Baj´s therapeutic pendulums with a charge, courtesy of Baj Pendulos Spain.


Additional information

Weight 30 g


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