Big Spiral Gold


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Big Spiral Gold Pendulum

A wonderful tool created by Baj Pendulos Spain and manufactured by BAJ this is the ideal tool for Space Clearing. An 11 cm long Spiral pendulum with seven spirals moving the centripetal and centrifugal forces of the Universe in service to Space Clearing and pendulum healing work over our clients in person or in tele-radiesthesia mode.

The base radiesthetic color of this pendulum is White making it an ideal pendulum for healing purposes. White is a universal non invasive color that will not drain your energy field when using the pendulum but will re-vitalize you.

This is our favourite and recommended pendulum for Space clearing work. You can easily remove dense energies and negativity (spinning it anticlockwise) and re-introduce uplifting energies (spinning it clockwise). You can also use the power of the Gold vibration included in the pendulum to charge the area, object, chakra, person with the Gold vibration.

You can appreciate the size difference between the Big Spiral and our Normal Spiral Gold pendulums

Video presentation of the Big Spiral Gold Pendulum 

Product details:

Spiral pendulum brass gold plated + jewelry box

11cm height, 40 gr weight aprox.



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