Sweet Dreams Pendulum



Sweet Dreams Pendulum

 Insomnia Relief


This pendulum has a charge of Valerian, Melatonin, Melissa, Passionflower and chamomile among others. It has been created to relief cases of insomnia from an energetic perspective.

You can radiate its vibrations on a pillow, on your bed, your blanket or else upon your head and any area of your energy field where you feel drawn to use it. Remember do not use this pendulum before driving or before any activity that requires you to be attentive as the intention of the pendulum is to support a restorative sleep.

You can knock the pendulum gently on a wooden surface before using it and let it spin (generally clockwise) over the area that is in need of these vibrations. State your intentions to transmit its radiations in the most beneficial potency and dosage for the highest good of the person/animal receiving it. Once the pendulum stops moving over an area, it has been saturated positively with the radiations coming from the pendulum.You may move to another area or finish your session by anchoring and sealing this transmission with a hand gesture over the area you worked on (your intention here is to keep the radiations working actively in that area and not be dissipated in the environment).

Legal Notice: Dowsing and pendulums are not substitutes to proper medical care shall you suffer a medical condition.

Product Details:

Wooden pendulum, Osiris head with a filling. Comes with a free Basic Manual in PDF on how to use our therapeutic pendulums, courtesy of Baj-pèndulos Spain.

Wood, 45 gr

Additional information

Weight 45 g


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