The Akasha Pendulum


Pendulum+ Manual in PDF format.

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The Akasha pendulum and manual

Dowsing and healing from the Akashic Records


The Akasha pendulum is an exclusive creation designed by Baj Pendulos Spain and created by BAJ Lab in order to support the access to the Akashic Records and perform radiesthetic healings from the living library of all that Is. This pendulum has been initiated to provide you access to the Akashic Records.

The Akasha pendulum is a 9,6cm Isis 8 batteries tropical pendulum filled with very high vibrational frequencies that help us access our higher dimensional bodies and connect with the Akashic Records. The Akasha has also the Pure Centering Vibration, a vibration that allows us to center ourselves in our Pure Presence, our pure beingness which in itself is one of the most beneficial steps we can take for ourselves and our own well being.

The Akasha pendulum is ultra light, very responsive and is able to take us to the Akashic Records and perform corrections and healings in this subtle dimensional plane.


The Akasha pendulum comes along with a 90pages PDF manual explaining in great detail what are the Akashic records, how to access them and how to work with them on a radiesthetic(dowsing) point of view.

The pendulum radiates the basic radiesthetic color white which is a safe vibration to work with when performing pendulum healing work.





Product details:

Pendulum: 9,6cm beech wood hand painted, allow imperfections. weight aprox 30gr. Offered with a velvety type pouch

Manual: Ebook, PDF 90 pages



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