January 28, 2021

I have asked with the  Dowsing Cards for General Testing of Pura Presencia, what we have to do (the people reading this page) to go through the Full Moon of Leo and receive the best of the gifts and gifts that can come to us from this period and this energy week.

The message comes with the Masculine / Feminine, Divino Masculine / Divino Feminine card.

We therefore have a challenge and a gift at the same time, to heal those internal and external relationships that correspond to our masculine / feminine aspects and their connections and ramifications with the macrocosmic, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as archetypal forces in us.

Heal in us, heal around us … heal our Inner Child aspect, Heal our heart in relation to the masculine / feminine, the wounds of the past, the ancestral memories in relation to this Yin / Yang polarity in us and in our lives .

This opens the doors to that portal of Leo, in the heart, the fire of motivation, of our highest goals illuminated by the light of the radiant Sun that we find at the top of the Mountain when we have been able to climb it because we feel deserving of go to receive those life-giving and inspiring rays of light, which come to us directly from the Source

It is a week of challenges, of possible outbreaks of anger if we let ourselves fall and slide through dense and obsolete patterns of the past, BUT it is a week that promises us internal and external gifts if we go up confidently heeding the call of our internal guide, the Source, to climb the mountain of our aspirations and place ourselves triumphantly at the top receiving… breathing and receiving.

I hope that this spark of inspiration helps you to work with your pendulums whatever comes out for you this week.

In the photo I have put some tools that from our proposal can help you:

-The Radionic Harmonizing Disc Ho ‘oponopono

-The Ho ’pendulum to work all our relationships

-The Reiki Master Pendulum to work focused on our emotional and relationship issues from the Universal energy that this pendulum transmits

-The Hamba pendulum to transmit Divine Love to all our relationships, the vibration that helps us to heal in depth what we focus on, in this case the theme of this week’s letter.

Have a great week!


Barbara meneses