Good morning!

“What a precious meditation holding over my  heart the Disc of the Heavenly Father. If we are of a “shamanic nature “or inclined to” travel “in our consciousness we can perceive the dimension of the Father. In this meditation he showed me how the Big Bang really  was our “arrival” to the manifest world as seeds of the Father’s Love. We are the Father’s Love made “flesh”, manifested in the visible worlds, but we come from the “invisible” world and we are His first intention, that of Love. We are Love beyond what we can imagine. When our whole system understands this, accepts it, integrates it and lives it, the problems, disharmony are over. We can live our original intent and purpose. We are Love, we are Love incarnate. let us transform the world. The Love that has forgotten that it is love is still a creative force of the highest order but has now fallen, causing more fragmentation as it enters the visible worlds. To remember, is to return to wholeness, to reunite with our purpose and with Source. We thus reverse the fall that inverted everything re-establishing the natural order. An order based on the Love that we are, on the Love that  Source Is. It’s simple, but we complicate it ”
Barbara meneses

More information The Heavenly Father Disc, a radionic, vibratory tool that enhances our connection.

Radionic Disc Heavenly Father