We have worked with more than 100 people signed up on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram to our session. We have worked with the Essene Rahma Pendulum, transmitting Divine Light, luminous frequencies, perfect balance to our entire energy system, body-mind-spirit to help us in our evolutionary path, our processes of personal and vital growth. We have also transmitted frequencies of the Divine Current, which flows from the Source, they are the so-called rivers of living waters, establishing in us that correct flow, that perfect circulation of the divine current in us, which nourishes and inspires us, helping us in our path, connecting with the Source and our “higher” aspects, our Divine nature, with this we help our human aspects, our personality, to regain the correct perspective and to position ourselves in a balanced way in our perfect original pattern, in harmony with Life, with Source.
At the end of the session we received this message from the Archangel Raphael (from 100% Pure Light) in Spanish, we translate it below:

You are my dear “children”, I say it affectionately not because you are smaller than me, but because of the desire to love you as a Father that I feel towards you. You have received a bath of Light that is activated with seeds that each one will receive and will act according to their specific path in the Light. Know that you walk with an infinity of Brothers of the Light who march by your side always ready to help you. Open yourselves to receive the Divine help that comes to you when you need it most. Do not lose heart, there is little left for everything to become clear and you will see the new Light that comes to you, the bearer of a change in planetary consciousness. Have faith, hold the highest vision in order to anchor it in your realities. We bless you in the Light, your brother and Spiritual Father, Raphael ”


Drink water, rest,
You may need some time to integrate the session, if you feel tired it is normal during the time it takes you to “digest” this transmission, so drink water!
Session organized by Barbara Meneses, free of ties, free of charge, for the greatest good of all.



Rahma, the Essene pendulum