Stomach pendulum



Stomach pendulum (energetic support)

The pendulum can be used ENERGETICALLY to aid the treatment of stomach conditions.

The pendulum has been designed to impart healing vibrations not to one specificity, and to a whole range of therapeutic substances used in the treatment of stomach disorders. According to BAJ Lab, the pendulum contains proton pump inhibitor, which is intended to inhibit the secretion of hydrochloric acid through the gastric mucosa. Reducing the acidity of gastric juices brings relief in such ailments as hyperacidity, heartburn and reflux, or acid reflux of the stomach. The pendulum sends and amplifies the vibrations of beneficial substances in such a way that they are best absorbed by the body.

Attunement extra optional upon request

We can attune the pendulum to the Pure Centering Vibration request on the area NOTES.

We can attune the pendulum to the Original Blueprint for the Human Stomach and / or Animal stomach (request in NOTES area).


How to use the pendulum: Dowse to detect from where does the energy field of your client need to receive the pendulum energetic transmission. Alternatively, a good location to enter the biofield is through the solar plexus. Let the pendulum spin clockwise until it stops. Anchor and seal with a hand gesture meaning that the energy transmitted will remain for as long as it is necessary on the client´s energy field. You can use a Dowsing command such as: “transmit the most beneficial energies and frequencies within this pendulum for the highest good of myself, my client “.

Legal Notice: pendulums are NOT substitutes to proper Medical Care shall you suffer from any condition. Please check with your GP.



Wooden pendulum + Manual Therapeutic pendulums with a filling, exclusive manual Baj-Pendulos Spain-Pura Presencia in PDF

Attunement extra: request in the NOTES area when placing order (Attunement to Original stomach blueprint (animals/humans) and /or attunement to the  Pure Centering Vibration)

Height: 7,5 cm, Diameter: 6 cm.

Additional information

Weight 60 g


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