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Antiparasitic Set

This is one of Baj´s latest creations in cooperation with Giuseppina Arrigoni a wonderful dowser and researcher: A set to support the removal of noxious parasites from our energy fields. The combination of these three pendulums work synergistically to support our inmune system, our intestinal flora and overall ability to clear our bodies and their energy fields from those parasitic lifeforms that drain our systems.

Let´s remember that when working with these pendulums with filling, we are engaging the informational field of our energ systems in order to introduce order, frequency and information to restaure the natural ability of our subtle anatomy and physical body to regain health and well being.

If you are suspecting that you are currently suffering a condition related to parasites, we strongly advise you to check out with your doctor and treat yourself with physical remedies. Use this pendulum set as a vibrational support and  an energetic prevention method, as you might need a physical intervention detoxing your system.

When working vibrationally, we are going a step further into the energetic nature of our being. This can help us collapse conditions that may not have yet manifested on the physical plane. But sometimes, these conditions have already been filtered down in 3D. Let´s honor our needs.

This set will be a great vibrational support to your system, but do not ignore the physical dimension of your needs.

The Set

  • The Blue pendulum is a special blend of herbs, including among others, are: celandine, root Oman, clove, garlic, wormwood, black walnut, tansy, walnut leaf, thyme. These herbs are considered traditionally as the most effective in the broadest sense of getting rid of the parasites from the body at different stages of their development.
  • The Orange pendulum  is filled with a pharmaceutical preparation, which eliminates the most common parasites effective and acts as a great vibrational complement of the blue pendulum.
  • The White pendulum  is filled with high quality pre-probiotics necessary for the construction of appropriate flora.

How to use this set

Establish a strong intention to remove, clear, release, neutralize the negative impact of any parasitic form over your organism be it energetic or physical. Use the blue and orange pendulums first and finish by using the white pendulum to instaure perfect intestinal health.

Please write to us prior to purchasing this set in order to check availability.

Product details:

Pendulum set+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English

3 pendulums with filling beech wood

1 wooden box, size 10x10x10cm


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Weight 324 g


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