Dowsing Subtle Attacks Manual


Manual in PDF format 86 pages in English


Dowsing Subtle Attacks Manual

In this manual we focus on a controversial topic that has divided many people in the Metaphysical, Spiritual and Bioenergetic arena for many years. That is the existence or non existence of subtle attacks coming from the paranormal world and possibly affecting Human beings, the animal world, our living environments.

For some, this phenomena belongs exclusively to the field of mental conditions and disorders and is to be dismissed other than treating medically those claiming to suffer such things. For other, this phenomena is sadly truly existing causing a whole range of symptoms which can affect very negatively the life of someone suffering them, not allowing them to sleep, to have normal relationships with others or else having symptoms of hyper stress and nervous breakdowns.

We embark ourselves in the mission of supporting bioenergetically speaking those affected by this situation with utmost respect for all ways of understanding this phenomena. We do understand that being real or illusory, those suffering this are affected negatively by the consequences of what they perceive a being an attack, and from that perspective, the field of Dowsing and bioenergetics can provide support. Indeed we can measure and test with our Dowsing and bioenergetic tools the negative impact of these perceptions upon our client´s fields.

Throughout the manual we will be downloading Divine Light to lighten up the subject and to help understand the concepts being studied, the definition of terms, the explanation on what subtle attacks are and our latest discoveries at Baj Pendulos Spain which have brought us to create this practical manual with clear steps to reach the core solution behind this problem. This manual does not pretend to be the ultimate solution but a core solution that can help your dowsing and pendulum healing sessions and also help you and your self-treatments.

The manual´s content covers in depth the understanding of what are subtle attacks, what are their types, what is the core solution according to our latest research and we provide a practical protocol with steps allowing you to follow through and implement our proposed pendulum healing work.

The material covered in this manual is NOT for new or inexperienced Dowsers. It is not recommended to work with the content of this manual if you suffer from any mental-emotional condition that can cause you to be emotionally imbalanced.

What types of pendulums are ideal to go along with the protocol:

Some clients ask what type of pendulums are ideal to work through this manual. Basically, any pendulum that supports your empowering. Among our collection, some ideal pendulums are: Siddhi, Karnak black (other Karnak versions from our site), Osiris 9 Gold, Spiral big, Spiral, Archangels, Hathor, and other pendulums for specific corrections such as Divine Eraser. Note that in the manual we will not teach you how to use any specific pendulum.

Legal Notice: This manual and any of our dowsing devices is not intended to substitute proper medical care whenever someone suffers any physical or mental condition. For all purposes, the content of this manual is purely for informational purposes only.

Testimonial, translated frorm Spanish:

You are sharing  a lot of information that is SUPER POWERFUL the Dowsing commands and the protocol included in the Manual are truly powerful !! CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is incredible how you weave the commands, It is a tremendously clear and valuable information,  a work of liberation described with mastery. ” JR/ Spain.


Manual in PDF downloadable upon purchase. Format A6 pages: 86



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