Harmony Attunement


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Harmony Attunement

(At a distance attunement + PDF Manual in English and PDF Diploma)

We offer this attunement for those who feel the need to enhance the transmission of the vibration of Universal Harmony in their dowsing and/or energetic work.

This radiation has a great capacity to help us balance when we work with it personally or when we focus on our projects, interpersonal relationships or seek to balance some aspect of our energy system or our subtle anatomy, or even when we work with it to cleanse and harmonize our spaces.

Attunement properties

The initiation of Harmony may help us to:

  • Work in sessions of dowsing, massage, energy transmission by hands or other arts introducing the vibration of harmony
  • Charge stones, crystals, oils, flower remedies with the vibration of harmony
  • Vibrationally enhance projects, situations, relationships with the radiation of harmony
  • Help harmonize spaces with this balancing radiation
  • Others: we can use our intuition to discover new uses for this initiation.



The attunement is transmitted in the distance, generally in less than 48 hours after the purchase of the product. Write us in the notes section in the shopping cart the names and surnames of the person to receive the attunement and their date of birth. We will write you with the attunement date. It is not necessary to be “awaiting” the attunement as it is a remote transmission that can be activated following the instructions in the manual once the attunement has taken place and once an email has been received confirming it and delivering the diploma and the manual in PDF.

Attunement facilitator



  • Attunement in the distance (we need name, surname and date of birth of the person)
  • Manual in PDF English with basic instructions for use (Sent by email once the attunement has taken place)
  • Diploma in PDF(Sent by email once the attunement has taken place)



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