Healthy lungs



Healthy Lungs Pendulum

A BAJ signature pendulum, to vibratory and energetically help the respiratory system and the lungs in the different ailments and conditions typical of this part of the human and animal anatomy.

The pendulum is a vibratory dowsing tool, made in the classic head of Osiris to be able to transmit the charge of internal remedies that is inside it through the most positive wave of electromagnetic Negative Green. These remedies are known herbal solutions that the herbalist tradition has used to help alleviate conditions related to the lungs and breathing. (Among those ingredients are: Knotweed, Horsetail, Dandelion, Yarrow, sunflower petals).

By transmitting the vibrations of the pendulum either in face-to-face sessions or in Teleradiesthesia, there is no risk of over-saturation because the person and his energy field only receive what they need. The pendulum stops turning (usually clockwise to perform the transmission) when it is no longer necessary to receive more of the pendulum’s vibratory load for the time being.

Important: The use of dowsing does NOT replace in any case the medical and professional care of those who suspect they have a medical condition that must be treated.



  • Pendulum with the shape of an Osiris head with charge of internal remedies from the firm BAJ, written in English “Healthy Lungs”
  • Beech wood
  • Approx weight: 45gr
  • Measurements approx: Height: 8.5cm maximum width: 6cm
  • Pendulum offered with a Basic Manual of Baj’s therapeutic pendulums Pura Presencia Pendulums, courtesy of Pura Presencia.



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Weight 45 g


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