Heart pendulum



Heart pendulum

A pendulum developped by BAJ to assist in any heart energetic therapy.

According to BAJ, the pendulum has been constructed in such a way as to convey beneficial vibrations not of one specific substance, but of a whole range of medicinal substances used in the treatment of heart diseases. Thanks to this, you can support various forms of heart disease therapy. The pendulum emits energies of such beneficial drugs for heart problems as: hawthorn fruit and inflorescence, rosehip, Gotu kola (Asian pennywort), folic acid, vitamins B Complex and E, trace elements: magnesium, chromium, zinc and Omega 3 and coenzyme Q10.

The “Heart” pendulum sends and strengthens the vibrations of medicinal substances in such a way that they are best absorbed by the body.

Radiesthetic color: The main radiesthetic color (Base color) is White a Universal healing color. We can also detect as a major sub-band the radiesthetic color Indigo.

Attunement extra optional upon request

We can attune the pendulum to the original blueprint for Humans and/or animals for the Heart. We can also attune the pendulum to the Pure Centering Vibration request on the area NOTES.

How to use the pendulum: Dowse to detect from where does the energy field of your client need to receive the pendulum energetic transmission. Alternatively, a good location to enter the biofield is through the solar plexus. Let the pendulum spin clockwise until it stops. Anchor and seal with a hand gesture meaning that the energy transmitted will remain for as long as it is necessary on the client´s energy field. You can use a Dowsing command such as: “transmit the most beneficial energies and frequencies within this pendulum for the highest good of myself, my client “.

PRECAUTION: Never work energetically over a pacemaker. Make sure you check what is the ideal AND safest distance to work with this pendulum. You may not need to be close to the heart to produce a beneficial result. Make sure you take all precautions when someone has a pacemaker.

Legal Notice: pendulums are NOT substitutes to proper Medical Care shall you suffer from any condition. Please check with your GP.



Wooden pendulum + Manual Therapeutic pendulums with a filling, exclusive manual Baj-Pendulos Spain-Pura Presencia in PDF

Attunement extra: request in the NOTES area when placing order (Attunement to original Heart Blueprint animals-humans and / or Pure Centering Vibration)

Height: 7,5 cm, Diameter: 6 cm,
Weight: aprox 50 g, material: Beech wood


Additional information

Weight 60 g


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