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Isis big Wood (4)

Wonderful big wooden Isis Pendulum with 4 batteries to work on the energy field of human beings in person on a massage table for example. Can work wonders also on Distance Healing over big charts and graphs of the human anatomy. A great multipurpose tool in the hands of the experienced dowser aswell as in those of a beginer. This pendulum has all the properties of an Isis pendulum. It vibrates the fundamental radiesthetic color of White, a safe and self cleansing color.

With this pendulum we can project any other color mentally into the energy field of a person, animal, plant, space. Due to its size it can perform heavy duty work. It might also help balance and clear a space, or an area that resonates low vibrationally due to the presence of geopathic stress and other disturbances.

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Size: 115 mm.

Weight:27 gr.



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