Isis-Osiris 4+4 Gold



Isis-Osiris Pendulum 4+4  Gold

This pendulum is a variant of the 8+2 designed by Jozef Baj based on the classical Egyptian pendulums Isis and Osiris. In this case, the proportions are 4 Isis batteries to 4 Osiris batteries which makes this pendulum stable, vibrating to the fundamental radiesthetic color of White and at the same time, very effective to mental commands. This pendulum is STRONGER in the emission of Green Negative electromagnetic radiation due to 2 extra Osiris heads. We do not recommend this pendulum for beginners, much better option is the 8+2.

It is a great pendulum to work on balancing our masculine and feminine energies.

It is a great pendulum to carry as a protector, when programmed to recharge our energy field throughout the day. Also, it is a very sensitive and responsive pendulum in searches, radiesthetic diagnosis, as well as a vibrational emitter of all sorts of vibrations, colors, essences.

Being Gold plated, the pendulum will support easier any radiesthetic work where the vibration of Gold will be required.

Wonderful pendulum for experienced dowsers.


Great for:

-Detection, energetic diagnosis, searches

-Testing herbs, remedies, oils

-Distance healing or tele-radiesthesia.

-all energy healing work.

-Cleanse, energize, harmonize chakras.

-Raise the vibrational levels of food, drinks, products, etc.

-Remove noxious energy from objects, products, people, spaces.

-Emit, radiate all sort of frequencies and vibrations into objects, products, persons, spaces, situations.

-Space and people cleansing.

-Unlimited possibilities.

It’s an ideal pendulum to carry when traveling to help us clear our hotel room, protect us at night time.

Product Details:

Size: 70 mm.

Weight:40 gr.

Material: Gold plated brass.


Additional information

Weight 40 g


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