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Isis-Osiris macro pendulum

This pendulum has 7 Isis discs and 2 Osiris heads, in macro and wood format. An ideal pendulum for healing radiesthesia and tele-radiesthesia. A pendulum with a great capacity to emit healing frequencies and vibrations in a therapeutic context, supporting our body´s innate ability for self-healing.

The basic radiesthetic color of this pendulum is White, a safe color in the hands of beginers in the art of Dowsing and radiesthesia. The shape of this pendulum does not require it to be dismantled or discharged. It is a pendulum that can be programed and can be used to harmonize a living environment.

The pendulum combines the healing properties of the Isis pendulum with the penetrating radiation of the Osiris head. At the end of the pendulum, the last Osiris head has an inner space allocated to any small remedy you wish to introduce in order to radiate it over the area you are working on.

You can use it with a very basic command such as: “Transmit the necessary vibrations that this (person, body, organ) requires to regain its natural state of well being”. This pendulum has the ability to radiate all the range of colors, just like an Isis pendulum. It is also an excellent carrier wave by means of the two Osiris heads at its point, delivering the commands, and vibrations with greater impulse.

For a smaller version of this pendulum in Brass, please check our Isis-Osiris 8+2 or even smaller our Isis-Osiris 3+3.



Product details:

7 Isis discs and 2  Osiris heads, the last one can be dismantled to introduce a charge at the end of it.

Size: 17 cm.

Weight:70 gr.

Material: beech wood.


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Weight 100 g


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