Lymphatic pendulum WML



Lymphatic Pendulum WML

This pendulum with an acumulator has been designed by Baj Laboratory to perform an energetic massage over the lymphatic system of the body. The WML has been carefully built so that its waveform and geometry supports the energetic unblocking of the lymphatic system. We have found that this pendulum not only benefits the lymphs but also helps clear all energy pathways in the body such as the Meridian system, the Nadi system. It can also help the energetic circulation of the blood system. This pendulum has been subject to a profound study by the Radiesthetic Center of Zabre.

On an energy level this pendulum can be considered a therapeutic and preventive pendulum.

When used over the extremities of the body (legs, arms) the pendulum will swing longitudinaly, whereas when placed over an organ or chakra, it might swing performing different motions as it finds the energy pathways to clear.

This pendulum is best used before any other radiesthetic treatment to prepare the energy field of the person being treated, by clearing the energy pathways first. This will allow the session and the vibrational frequencies transmitted to be delivered in a much more efficient manner, with less resistance or blockages. This pendulum can also help the healer/dowser/ therapist to clear himself after each session ensuring that no remaining energetic debris flow in or around his field.

This pendulum works also very well in tele-radiesthesia, performing distance healings. (More information on our courses).

Disclaimer: pendulums are not substitutes to proper medical care

Product details:

Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English

Size: 18mm.


Material: wood.


Additional information

Weight 30 g


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