Pure Gold Attunement


Distance Attunement.


Pure Gold Attunement

The Pure Gold is a radiesthetic and energetic attunement that supports you connecting to the higher octave of the Gold. This is a high energy that will strengthen and support the vibrational healing of persons, animals, pets, living spaces and objects.

The attunement allows you to:

  • Channel the Pure Gold vibration
  • Impregnate your pendulums with this vibration
  • Detect the presence or absence of this vibration from living spaces, objects, persons.
  • Transmit the vibration to others
  • Charge objects, stones, crystals and living spaces with this vibration
  • Attune others to the Pure White Light.

These attunements have been tested by Baj-Pendulos in terms of their vibrational quality, clarity, and integrity of the transmission. They will be transmitted by Barbara Meneses individually.

Product details:

Distance attunement+Manual+Diploma

Energetic vibrational attunement performed within the following 48h after your purchase. You will receive an instruction manual in PDF and a diploma. Please give us your full name and location for the attunement.