Rheumatism pendulum



Rheumatism Pendulum

This pendulum can support on a vibrational level rheumatic conditions. This pendulum has a charge of herbal remedies including: arnica, lavander, birch leafs, nettle, willow bark, angelica roots, achicoria, herbal remedies from the Amazons such as: vilcacora, tahuari and Devil´s claw.

How to use this pendulum: to remove and impregnations of static energy and to induce the activation of the charge, please give a gentle knock with the pendulum over a wooden surface. Then let it spin clockwise over the desired area of treatment. Let the pendulum swing until it stops its motion. This indicates that the energy field of the person/animal treated does not require any more vibrations from this pendulum. Close the process by making a gentle movement over the area that you have charged with the pendulum to anchor and seal the process (as if closing an energetic opening or closing a tap).

You can dowse with a mental pendulum such as an Isis or any other pendulum when do you need to apply another charge of this pendulum.

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Pendulum+ Basic instruction Manual for all therapeutic pendulums 18 pages PDF English

Beech Wood, Weight:50 gr


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Weight 81 g


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