Simplified Universal Pendulum



Simplified Universal Pendulum

This pendulum has been designed by Baj as a simplified version of the Universal Pendulum.  It is a simple and very safe way to start working towards the Universal Pendulum by doing radiesthetic diagnosis and gentle color emissions in a therapeutic context.IMG_5609

This pendulum has a wooden sphere with an internal battery that contains a radiesthetic charge allowing the pendulum to emit the different radiesthetic colors indicated by the different knots or dots of the cord: grey (negative green), black, infrarred, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, ultraviolet and white.


In order to measure a chakra or a given organ with this pendulum, we focus mentally holding the pendulum at the level of our solar plexus and by holding the cord at the level of a particular color, we request to know whether we have this color in excess, in defect, or balanced. Thus we can test the functioning of chakras.

This pendulum is also very useful to find out our personal life colour and our “sickness colour” (more info on this matter on our online classes). Knowing both of these frequencies and color bands can help us detect imbalances on our system and determine our current level of overall health (energetically speaking).

More information on the uses of this pendulum on our workshops.

Product details:

Size:30 mm.

Weight: 30 gr.

Material. painted wood.


Additional information

Weight 45 g


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