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Pendulum with English coding

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Universal Pendulum 6.6 (English coding)

This is currently the crown of Baj Pendulums in terms of precision, calibration and radiesthetic color emission. Built under the direction of the late Jozef Baj after a life long research into the field of classical vibratory radiesthesia, the Universal Pendulum 6.6 is a precious tool in the hands of the experienced dowser.

This pendulum is currenly available with the English coding.

The 6.6 Universal Pendulum is an excellent tool for chromobiology healing and geobiology.


IMG_6219The Universal Pendulum of Baj has an internal battery that amplifies the radiesthetic color selected manually by the dowser by moving along the semi circular ring and choosing from which cord length we will broadcast.

When working with the Universal Pendulum, there are three possibilities of choice: the electric dimension (red marker), the magnetic dimension (green marker) and the electro-magnetic dimension (blue marker).

The visible spectrum (white light) is shown in the Pendulum as follows

  • V Violet
  • I Indigo
  • B Blue
  • G+ Green positive
  • Y Yellow
  • O Orange
  • R Red


The Invisible includes the following:

  • UV Ultraviolet
  • IR Infrared
  • Bk Black
  • G-  Negative Green
  • W White
  • α- Alpha  – related to geological faults, Hartmann and Curry lines
  • β  Beta – underground streams of water
  • θ  Theta- novious television emissions
  • X Chi- television and other electrically charged appliances
  • ψ Psi- electrical wires
  • ω Omega- high voltage wires, underground wires, vibrations from electrical appliances
  • ρ  Rho high voltage wires, underground wires, vibrations from electrical appliances
  • λ  Lambda- high voltage wires, underground wires, vibrations from electrical appliances
  • K  Kappa- high voltage wires, underground wires, vibrations from electrical appliances
  • ε Epsilon -high voltage wires, underground wires, vibrations from electrical appliances
  • ζ Zeta – radioactive vibrations
  • v Nu – Television harmful emissions and other electrically charged appliances.

The Greek letters and their position in the sphere allow us to detect the presence of noxious energies caused by geopathic and technopathic stress in a surface, an area or a living being.

Uses of the Pendulum

  • Helps detect qualitative vibrations and thus practice vibratory radiesthesia as opposed to mental radiesthesia. With this pendulum one does not use mental conventions as the pendulum will react by resonance finding the exact color pre-set by its user.
  • Helps broadcast into energy fields, missing colors and radiations to balance and strengthen the energy field of a living being or space.
  • Helps locate harmful radiations in the environment and within a person.
  • Other possible uses in advanced forms of radiesthesia.

Special care

It is very important to be specially careful in regards to the Universal Pendulum and always leave it in resting mode by placing the cord under the color emission of Green+. This pendulum is always emitting and Green +is considered the most beneficial frequency to leave the pendulum in resting mode. We strongly advice you to keep away your pendulum in a safe place where no kids or pets can reach it, and enoufh away from your main living room area. Keep it in a place where its constant emission will not impregnate important and sensible objects such as essential oils, floral remedies, medicines etc.

Please do not leave the pendulum close to strong magnets.


The Universal Pendulum should not fall or else the internal spheres acting as amplifiers could move and damage the calibration of the pendulum and its color emissions.

We highly recommend you to attend a course on how to Use the Universal Pendulum. We have a Universal Pendulum Basic Online Course

A word about the cording: The UP cord needs to be unbraided in order to be connected to the brass handle. Therefore, you might find that the end bit of the cord on the extreme opposite gets unbraid. Bare in mind this is a pendulum totally handicrafted. You might need to burn a little bit of wax to close the end of the cord to your liking. This is NOT something that is faulty, it is natural. Our guarantee does not include any fixing for the cord. We will provide extra cords for sale to our clients if they so need in the future.

Product details

The price only includes the pendulum. It does not include any accessories such as wooden box, leather pouch or wooden holder.

Size: 6 cm diameter.

Weight: 75 gr.

Material: painted wood and metal (the handling arch or half-ring).


A Note on brass:
Brass is a metal that can get dirty, blacken due to a natural oxidation process. Energetically nothing happens with the pendulums that suffer discoloration due to this natural phenomenon due to the composition and alloy of the brass used. Brass can be cleaned with cleaning products, using dry baking soda and a soft bristle brush, or following any technique known to the customer. Changes in the color of the brass are not covered under warranty. Those who do not want alterations in the color of their pendulums can buy them in their gold-plated versions.

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