The good thing about Dowsing is that you can work in Time (We have a manual about it)
Remember before going to the dentist, test your level of empathy with all the fear accumulated in the consultation of these specialists, specifically in the seat where, like you, hundreds of people fearful of dental procedures sit. Especially since many of us are triggered by fears and memories of past life torture.
Dowse before going to the dentist to clean that chair !!!
By the way, test that you do not carry imprints of Karma in your system in relation to the dentist. We have a manual on the Bioenergetics of Karma applied to dowsing.
And above all, be careful not to fragment yourself at the dentist because it is very easy to do so due to fear and the triggers of past lives. We have a manual that addresses the topic of Dowsing Fragmentation.

Manual Dowsing in Time

Dowsing in time manual PDF

Manual the Bioenergetics of Karma

The Bioenergetics of Karma Manual (Pdf)

Manual Dowsing Fragmentation

Integration of Fragments Manual (PDF)