Xmas is over, time to Detox. As you know there is No fix ideal detox protocol for all of us. Our elimination system is so delicate and so personal, we need to find our best formulation, our best nourishment, herbs, drinks, exercise and mental-emotional-spiritual activities and non-activities which will promote this overall detox.

Dowsing can be one of our best friends when it comes to contemplating which are our ideal protocols to support our body accomplish one of its main bioenergetic functions: the elimination one, getting rid of toxins not only physical but also energetic and emotional-mental and Spiritual too.

For those new to Dowsing our Online Course level 1 and 2 Mental Dowsing,  Vibratory Radiesthesia and Pendulum healing will cover all you need to be able to measure, test and determine a whole range of activities, products, situations anything in life.

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