The card selected as an inspiration to work in Dowsing and Pendulum Healing this week, selected for the readers of our pages is the Cleaning of the Central Channel card that connects us with the Cosmos, aligns us in our cosmo-telluric axis and allows the Christic-diamond energy to be activated in us nourishing all our subtle channels, meridians, nadis, with the Light of Universal Consciousness.

We feel that there has been an electromagnetic shift (one of many) that now invites us to re-adjust and realign ourselves with the axis of the Earth and the Cosmos. Some of the perceived imbalances last week may have been caused by those movements. Remember that earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, tsunamis, these phenomena of Nature cause readjustments to the planet and we, (the human being) as “acupuncture points” of the planet, also have to readjust, regain balance and harmonize again with Heaven (Yang) and Earth (Yin energies). This is achieved through energetic, spiritual and conscientious work on the Central Channel, the axis of our energy bodies.

To do this, we can work by following the dowsing training that we have received for cleaning that central channel. In the photo we have put the Reiki Master pendulum with which an excellent job can be done through the vibrations included in the pendulum that come to sublimate the Universal energy that we call Reiki by providing a specificity found in our dowsing research to the Universal energy … its ability to flow in three complementary dimensions.


Have a great pendulum healing week!





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