You have been the ones who I focused on to get the FIRST READINGof the Dowsing cards asking what do you need to work with your pendulums at the moment, or what do you need to focus on or what is happening to you at a general level in the group of people who read this page.
The two cards that have come out are: Ascension Symptoms and Living Space / Workplace
This is an invitation to you to contemplate that some of your symptoms may be connected with the Ascension process, transformation through the elevation of the vibrational frequency and the awakening of the consciousness of the Planet, of Humanity and of the entire Galaxy because there are several processes simultaneous Ascension events that are taking place (We have an Online Dowsing and Ascension Course).
Similarly, another possible cause of things that could disturb you now can be found in dense energies or other causes in your homes or places of work.
We also have an Online Course on Cleaning Spaces.
I hope that these two pieces of information help you find solutions to what may be ailing you, guide you in the search for answers and understanding.
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