Many of us are currently integrating aspects of ourselves which have not been able to be integrated for a very long time.
This process is very delicate and raw and we might feel vulnerable and uncomfortable with it.
When the aspect reaches us, we experience a sort of vibrational revolution as there is a collision of vibrations between the levels the aspect is holding and the one our sense of “I” is holding. For some time, there could be a real war from a vibrational perspective to see which vibration is going to dominate the internal landscape.

Normally these aspects have been wounded in the past and hold some trauma and a strong sense of rejection and abandonnement.

When they enter our field of consciousness, our own fears of being manipulated by external forces from the lower astral planes kick in, triggering our paranoiac thinking which could cause us to freeze and block the integration that is happening. This only causes more frustration and suffering to the missing aspects and delays the process of becoming whole.

For those in need of help and support, we can offer you two options:
1- Our Online Counselling sessions

Transpersonal Counselling session

2- Our Bioenergetic Sessions with the Lecher Antenna and our in-depth protocols

Soul Retrieval Session