Aura Dowsing rod


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Aura Dowsing rod

This diagnostic rod is very useful because due to the way it is used, holding it with the full length of the thumb and forefinger, any form of “manipulation” by our conscious mind is largely avoided.

You have to get used to its use but once familiar with the tool we will find that it is very beneficial to measure the impact of products or situations on the human aura.

Hand position.

We take the end of the rod with the index finger and thumb of our dominant hand. We approach the object to be measured with the intention of measuring its aura. (Object, person). The ball is the part through which we look if the rod moves to indicate that we have already found the limit or border of the measured aura. (Remember that auras are infinite and that when we measure how far an aura reaches, we are randomly measuring how far that aura reaches in a conventional way with the purpose of determining the impact that products, remedies, situations or other people may have on it) .

To do this, we first measure the level of the person’s aura (to where it expands) and then we place a product in the person’s receiving hand that we want to test at the level of its compatibility with the person. We measure the aura again and if the aura contracts, the product is not beneficial for the person at this time (or it needs another product that harmonizes the subtle field of the person and the tested product). If the aura expands to the person’s ideal level, we can say that this product (phrase, book, idea, project) supports the vitality of the person’s subtle field and potentially (in the correct doses, rhythms, times, frequencies) it could be beneficial for her.

Practitioner level

Anyone can use this tool, from the beginner to the most advanced practitionner, with practice you  can master this versatile tool

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Practitionner level

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  • Brass dowsing rod with wooden ball (Brass has natural reactions and blemishes may appear, which are cleaned like any other brass product)
  • Measures approx 10 cm height



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