Batisseurs Pendulum


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The Batisseurs Pendulum

The builders pendulum also called the Initiate Pendulum was designed by the french magician and dowser Jean Luc Caradeau. Based on the mathematical numbers corelated to the number Pi and the golden mean, this mysterious pendulum is said to be connected to principles that guided Hiram, the Archytect of the Temple of Solomon.

This is a wave form shape emitter and receiver pendulum, extremely fast and sensible. The hollowed point of the pendulum emits the interesting magnetic black radiesthetic color.

According to his designer and creator, this pendulum responds very quickly to single word commands, key words such as “Neutralize”, “Oscillate”, “Spin”, “Stop”, “Illusion” (Illusion here means to remove any false illusions or appearances that could misguide our searches).

We can create any key word that will help us stay tunned to our research. The key words can be any command that belongs to the field we are investigating: be it geobiology, health, etc.

Example of other useful Key words used with this pendulum are: “Quantity”, “God”, “Silver”, “Underground cavities”, “Water veins”, “Tunnel”, “Building”, “Wall”, “Cause”, “Malediction”, “Curse”, “Wave form”, “Serenity”, “Calmness” or any name of plant  or remedy for instance.

This pendulum is similar to the Egyptian pendulum in the sense that it emits wave forms for any remedy, emotion, state, idea that we wish to send, emit or receive.  To desimpregnate the pendulum we must return it to a state of neutrality so the world “Neutral” or “Neutralize” will suffice to clear any remanent impregnations on the pendulum.

The pendulum will remain still when the question has not been well formulated or there is a refusal to respond for the time being.

One can work easily in tele-radiesthesia (at a distance) impregnating a witness (photograph or other type witness) with Key words such as “calmness”, “peace”, “serenity”, “vitality” etc.  (Please remember that we can only send that which we know, the vibrational quality of an emotion or a state that we are familiar with). The pendulum will swing until the witness is impregnated fully with the vibration of the quality we are sending to him or she, and will stop once the area is saturated.

Also when sending remedies via the pendulum, we place the pendulum over the remedy and we state the command “Impregnation”. The pendulum will swing to access the wave form of the remedy and will stop once it has impregnated itself with it. We will then place the pendulum over the witness and send the wave form of the remedy with the key word “Transmit”. Again, the pendulum will transmit the vibrational qualities of the remedy to the witness until it stops. To clear the pendulum after its use, the key words “Neutral” or “Neutralize” will be enough to remove previous impregnations.

It is a must in any dowsers collection. It is small (less than 4 cm), very responsive.

Please note: we are selling the ORIGINAL Batisseurs.

Product details:

Height aprox: 4cm

Weight: 15 gr.

Material: Golden metal.

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Weight 25 g