D- Earth Pendulum



D-Earth pendulum (Diatomaceous Earth)

The D- Earth pendulum has a powerful charge of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, a powdered form of a natural sedimentary rock found in the ocean and other water bodies of the earth which is more than a million years old, with a high content of Silica and a great variety of minerals such as: copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, selenium, boron, chromium among others.

The word “Diatomaceous” means filled with diatoms which are algae, with single celled honeycomb structures filled with trace minerals. Nowadays Diatomaceous Earth is being considered a super food used to enhance our wellbeing when ingested internally or else in support of our living environements and that of our pets and animals as it is also a powerful anti-parasitic for both animals and humans.

Among the many benefits of Diatomaceous earth here are some possibilities:

  • Might improve hair growth, strength, vitality as well as bones, nails, joints
  • Might decrease fatigue in muscles, general weakness
  • Might improve collagen production
  • Might improve skin rejuvenation and appearance
  • Might support the balancing of the body through the minerals present in the DE
  • Might support inmune system
  • Might help detox the body from heavy metals, general detox
  • Might help remove intestinal parasites
  • Might help infections in urinary system
  • Might support hormonal balancing and endocrine support
  • Might improve energy levels

Uses of this pendulum

You can work on specific goals or projects that you have where this ingredient might support you.

  • Transmit the vibrations to the hair, nails, bones, muscles, joints, intestines, wherever you detect the need to transmit them on the energy field of your client
  • Transmit it to your animal, to help him clear parasites inside of him
  • Enhance the water of your pet by spinning the pendulum over the water charging it with the minerals within the pendulum
  • Help clear the sleeping area of your pet keeping it bug free
  • You can charge your water as well with the vibrations of the pendulum (hold a general intent if you want just to receive the full benefits of the pendulum or else hold a specific intent such as ” for my hair improvement” etc…


Legal Note: Dowsing and pendulum tools are NOT substitutes to proper medical care shall you require medical treatment.



Wooden pendulum, beech, weight aprox 30grams

PDF Manual for Baj Pendulos Spain therapeutical pendulums with basic instructions


Additional information

Weight 40 g


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