Decluttering chart


4 Pages Sheet Chart in PDF, English with basic Instructions



(Quadruple- 4 pages- Dowsing sheet of charts with basic instructions, PDF, English)


Decluttering is a word that is becoming more and  more popular as the need rises to clear our spaces from items we have accumulated, from energetic and physical dirt in order to free ourselves and our spaces from that which we no longer need.

We have created this Dowsing sheet of charts to help those in need to make changes in their lives where decluttering is necessary. Be it because you are moving to another home or office and you need to clear your space, or else because you just arrived to your new place and need to re arrange your belongings, this chart can help shed some light into this daunting task…

The document offers ways in which we can test what needs to be looked at, from a physical and energetic stand point, what are the spaces, items, places we need to declutter and what are the causes why we are falling into patterns of chaos, mess, physical dirt etc.

The chart also offers solutions we can provide as dowsers and also courses of action the client might need to undertake to help him better address the issues around decluttering.

The documents are in PDF, English and there is a basic set of instructions explaining the elements of the 4 page chart along with some basic commands that might help when working with dowsing.





  • Dowsing sheet of charts in English, PDF, printing formats A3 and Ansi format B (4 pages)
  • Basic instructions explaining the different elements of the chart (Not a course in Dowsing), PDF English



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